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Together for a Greener Future.

One focus: Group Sustainability

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renewable energy target set
by EU 2030


reduced CO2 emissions
Biofuel vs fossil-fuel


common goal
'Together for a greener future'

Leading the renewable energy movement.

The World of Tomorrow. Built Today.

Bio-materials are now widely used to jointly decrease fuel production costs and to mitigate the impact of global warming. The bio-fuel industry is currently providing over 15% of the world’s energy consumption and will reach 30% by 2027. Bio-fuel consumption reduces CO2 emissions by 75%-80%, compared to fossil-fuels.
The impact of what we do is tangible, and needed more than ever. In pursue of a fully circular economy, we believe that collection and reuse of industrial by-products is the first step toward building a greener future.

Tareq Jaber

Founder, Biotisk Energier AB

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Sustainable renewable energy

Our Contribution

A responsible collection and disposal of Used Vegetable Cooking Oils, Fats and Free Fatty Acids is an important step that countries need to take to reduce their environmental footprint. Biotisk takes this process one steps further in the circular economy, enabling potentially hazard waste to become biofuel. 

Through our network of suppliers around the world, we support countries in their transition towards a greener future, providing Europe with renewable fuels, market intelligence and expertise for a sustainable energy transition.

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