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Together for a Greener Future.

Feedstocks Collectors & Traders


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locations worldwide

120,000 mt


of biomaterials traded



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Rotterdam | Trading Headquarter

Centralised UCO Trading Office

Through its exclusive network of suppliers around the world, Biotisk supports European biofuel manufacturers in transforming waste into sustainable fuels.
Biotisk is a supplier of renewable feedstocks, market intelligence and expertise for a sustainable energy transition.

Bio-process monitoring. Every step of the way.

Established Trading Procedures

We monitor the full value chain, from collection to processing, quality control & shipment. Years of experience in this industry help us ensure smooth deliveries and commitment to time frames. Our main focus is on product quality, high level of service and customer satisfaction.

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FFA 5% max

M&I 3% max

IV 80 min

Sulfur ppm 40 max

FFA:2- 3% max

M&I: 1% max

IV 90 min

Sulfur 30 max

FFA 20-40% 

M&I 3%

IV 70

Supporting the transition to sustainable biofuels


Since the very beginning, our business has always been sourcing and trading sustainable feedstocks. Our collection centres established reliable supply of our core products, enabling us to deliver consistent quality and volumes all year round.

Predictions and longer supply schedules 

Price Lock Guarantee

Our own exclusive partners and established sourcing processes enable us to mitigate market fluctuations and allows our customers to work with a long and reliable time schedule. Predictability is key in the feedstock market, Biotisk makes it possible.

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Stockholm | Sustainability Center

One Focus: Group Sustainability

One of today’s greatest challenges is to develop sustainable and renewable sources of fuels that can be produced at large scale. Whilst technologies advance and new sources of energy are being tested at an unprecedented pace, biofuels remain one of the most environmentally friendly solutions to this challenge.

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